Sierra Adventure Tours

Guided tours of the Northern Sierra for members of the PRRMC, CCMA, and Penquin MC/Alumni

Current Rides



Penguin: Peter Huges

Prattville Tour Saturday June 2, 2018     We raised over $200 for Sierra Access Coalition last year


Inventations for Signups will be sent out latter this spring. 15 riders max.

Start Time: 8:00 am Saturday:
Start Point: Directions (near the house)

House Directions

  • opens Friday Night by 5 pm
  • 2737 Scott Drive, Prattville, Ca 95923
  • Cabin ph. (530) 259-4255


  • Saturday: You'll ride some of the most beautiful trails in the Almanor Basin (see below).
  • Saturdays loop will be about 50 miles
  • For A & B level riders - No beginners or breakdowns please.
  • Bring a camera.


  • Saturday Dinner:
    • Please bring a side dish, salad, or desert.
    • I'll bring the meat (tri-tip or burgers)
  • Breakfast (Sat & Sun):
    • I'll bring eggs,
    • Please bring something to complete breakfast
  • Lunches: Bring a trail lunch


  • 1st come 1st dibs on 2 bedrooms
  • RV in driveway
  • Tents in backyard
  • Loft for sleeping bags.
  • Almanor Forest Service campgrounds are just down the street 1 mile.
  • Rocky Point PG&E campgrounds are just down the highway 3 miles.
  • Plumas Pines resort also has cabins for rent.


Thanks..... John Fourcroy

cabin (530) 259-4255
cel  (530) 864-9372



Ride #1: Prattville Tour

Humbug Valley / Yellow Creek

Scheduled Ride:

Prattville Tour June 2, 2018
For PRRMC and CCMA members

This ride is usually open (no snow) earlier and later in the year than the other rides. The tour includes several points of interest including: Lake Almanor, Top of the World, Ohio Valley, Dutch Hill Mine, Butt Lake, and beautiful Humbug Valley.

Plan on riding 50+ miles.

A & B riders only please.



Top of the World


Mine Trail

Soda Springs Trail

Top of the World

Trails Section

Ridge Trail

Log Crossing


Humbug Valley

Layed Down


Prattville June 2013

Ride #2: P2P (Paradise 2 Prattville)

For Current Ridge Riders


This is an exculusive point to point adventure tour. Join us for some of the most challenging and beautiful riding anywhere in California. This is a ride for proficient riders & prepared bikes. The ride starts at Ragdump, travels across the Sierra summit to Prattville and returns the next day. (pictures) Please bring a camera and submit photos.

Your bike must be capable of 50 miles on a tank, good mechanical condition, be registered, and have a spark-arrestor. There is no sweeper crew, so accidents and mechanicals will affect us all.

By Friday Oct. 11 by 4pm, Please drop off your gas, sleeping gear, fresh clothes, towells, toiletries, etc. for the Support Truck bound for Prattville.

We'll meet at 8am, Sat. morning at Ragdump. Be ready to ride by 9am. Ride the trails across the Sierra. Gas and Lunch will greet you high up on the summit of our ride (Snag Lake).   Late in the afternoon you will arrive at a mountain cabin nearby Lake Almanor.
At this high Sierra location you can clean up, prepare your bike for the return trip, and enjoy the Saturday night BBQ
Sunday morning will start early with a hearty breakfast to prepare you for the return trip. Lunch and gas will again meet you on the summit.


  • Pending Fall 2018 :
    Offload your gas, sleeping gear, fresh clothes, towels, toiletries, etc in the Support Truck @ Fourcroy's house or at Meeting on Thur
  • 8am Park at Ragdump - Thank you Howard
  • by 9am: Ride begins
  • Noon: Lunch & Gas Stop at 40 miles @ Snag Lake
  • Late Afternoon: Arrive in Prattville. BBQ.

  • Sunday July 13,
  • 7am Breakfast,
  • by 9am Return Ride to Paradise
  • Lunch & Gas Stop @ Snag Lake
  • Afternoon: Arrive back at Rag Dump


We'll share Expenses

Fuel for Support Truck

Hamburgers, Hotdogs / Buns. Ketschup, Mustard, Relish, Lettuce, Tomatoes

French Bread
Beans, Potatoes, Salad


Scrambeled Eggs, Ham & Cheese
Bagels Cream Cheese
OJ, Coffee

Ride # 3: P2S (Paradise to Susanville)

Scheduled Rides:TBA

This tour is currently under construction. This will probably be a 2-day ride with a support truck, meals, and lodging provided. The ridge will start in Prattville, Ca. The first half of the ride will travel towards Greenville and onto Westwood. The route will continue over select single track and connector dirt roads until it arrives in Susanville. At this time lodging and meals in Susanville have yet to be worked out.

Many of the trails for this ride have already been scouted.  


Trick or Treat 2 Day 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016

More Photos

Oct. 30 & 31, 2010
CCMA and Penquin Alumni

We rode 50 miles on Saturday and 20 miles Sunday. I am now a believer in SoCal riding... this was awesome. Everyone who attended was spoiled by the hospitality... breakfast, hot trailside lunch, and a BBQ to boot.

  Thanks to Pete

Sat. Morning




Checkpoints 1, 2, 3, 4   Template

(time-distance chart)


Sunday: 16.3 mile self-check enduro. (time-distance chart)