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Mobley's Bultaco

Speed and Sport



Oil - Amounts

Fuel Golden
Spectro Oil
50:1 ratio
Forks 210 ml 30 wt.
Primary 300 ml 30 wt.
Transmission 600 ml 70-90 wt.

Torque Chart:

Engine     Suspension  
Engine Mounting Bolts 35 ft/lb Front/Rear Axel Nuts 30 ft/lb
Front Sprocket 90 ft/lb Swing Arm 75 ft/lb
Flywheels & Clutch Hub 75 ft/lb Fork Caps 50 ft/lb
Seal Retainer 5 ft/lb Axel Clamp 6 ft/lb

Cylinder Head
   • 4 Studs
2 Bolts

18 ft/lb 12 ft/lb

Triple Shaft Nut 30 ft/lb
    Top Triple Clamp Bolt 15 ft/lb






PPG Paint Codes
Bultaco Blue Grabber Blue
DBU 2230
Bultaco Silver Crystal Silver Metalic
DAR 34926
Bultaco Red Torch Red
DAR 74013
Bultaco Gray Grigo Chiaro


Air Filter UNI
# NU-3204ST
$27 @ AMS

Fork Seals
35 x 47 x 10.5

Try Honda 350

Rear Sprocket
125 Pursang 46 teeth
250 Pursang 48 teeth
Sprocket Specialist  

Front Sprocket
125 Pursang 11 teeth
250 Pursang 12 teeth


520 Chain
11/46 = ~106 links
12/48 = ~110 links


Rear Brake Shoes
140mm Diameter

EBC 14-833G

Primary Chain for 125 Pursang    
Primary Chain for 250 Pursang    



Q: Engine sounds like marbles rattling around when it idles, but goes away with rpm's
A: Check the primary side flywheel (Lynn Mobley)

Q: Fork Caps leak oil out the breather hole
A: Cut plastic disks and wedge them in the fork springs a couple of inches
    below the top. (Lynn Mobley) or... plug the hole.


2.8mm BTDC (.110")




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