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Ch. 8 Inheritence - Lesson 2        

  • Warmup: What are the chances?
  • Inheritence: Dom.-recessive Genetics Review
  • Simple Punnet Squares
  • Homework: see below


Warmup Activity: What are the chances? (help)

  1. Having a boy baby?
  2. Rolling a 6 on a die?
  3. Pulling a Heart from a deck of cards?
  4. Pulling the Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards?
  5. Having 2 babies, both girls?
  6. Rolling "Snake Eyes" when rolling a pair of dice?

Inheritance - Predict Traits using Punnet Squares

Learn to predict the possible outcomes from a mating of known genotypes for two individuals.

  1. Inheritence.(ppt) (other)
    • Take notes on:
      • family trees
      • Vocabulary: alleles, genotype, phenotype, homo/hetero-zygous
      • Allele OS's
  2. Predicting Offspring (a short review ppt)
    • Creating Offspring
    • Punnett Square
    • Example
      • Learn and practice how to predict the offspring from a mating using Drag & Drop Genetics (go)
    • Read pp.168-170

  3. Construct a Punnet Square to organize the outcomes. (Chromosum Handout.)

  4. Practice:  Monohybrid Punnet Square Problem Set 1. (handout) (answers)

  5. Dragons Genetics: Geno & Phenotype
    Learn how alleles interact.


  1. Finish Punnet Square Problem Set 1: (handout) (answers)

  2. Section Review 8.2 p.167 #1-5 Show Q & A

  3. Test Cross p.170 Show Problem, Work, and Q & A

Homework Due day of Ch.8 Test

  1. Martian Mating... details next week.


Objectives Ch.8

  1. Identify the investigator whose work is the basis for Genetics
  2. List 4 characteristics that made the Garden Pea good for the study of Genetics.
  3. Summarize the 3 main steps of Mendel's Pea experiments.

  4. Describe Mendel's 4 hypothesis'
  5. Relate the terms: homzygous, heterozygous, genotype, and phenotype.
  6. Compare Mendel's two Laws of Heredity

  7. Use punnet squares to predict mono- and di-hybrid crosses
  8. Use a Test Cross to find the Genotype of the Parents
  9. Predict the probabilities for genetic crosses
  10. Analyze a pedigree.

  11. Identify 5 factors that influence patterns of heredity.
  12. Descrribe how mutations can cause genetic disorders.
  13. List 2 genetic disorders, annd describe their their causes and symptoms.
  14. Evaulate the benefits of Genetic Counseling.

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